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Youngdungpo St. Mary's Hospital was opened in 1970 and moved to its current location in 1980. Guided by the philosophy hat citizens are the owners of the hospital, the hospital continues to practice community service with love for citizens at its heart.
The hospital director is a recipient of the Order of Civil Merit Rose of Sharon Medal, and serves as a leader of several organizations such as President of Lions Clubs International while continuously leading community services.

We are continuing our efforts to introduce high-tech equipment to improve the quality of medical care and to recruit highly qualified human resources to our medical teams. We are committed to provide the best medical services through utilizing medical skills accumulated over 30 years.

Youngdungpo St. Mary's Hospital Introduction to Youngdungpo Hospital

  • Cerebral Vascular Spine Center Our team of specialist neurosurgeons abides by the tenet of the golden hour.

    The Cerebral Vascular Spine Center is implementing a preventive approach to cure cerebral vascular diseases and prevent fatal or debilitating aftereffects. The Brain Vascular Center, which is composed of neurosurgeons, has long experience in providing effective care that allows patients to lead a normal life without disability after discharge from the hospital.

    The Spinal Center treats spinal diseases of the lumbar, cervical, and thoracic spine professionally and comprehensively through collaboration between multiple specializations, and treats various diseases such as fractures, spinal deformations, infections, and tumors. Most of all, we focus on the natural healing ability of patients with the principle of non-invasive treatment for the spine.

  • Health Medical Examination Center Prevention through early detection is the key to opening an era of a healthy 100 years for everyone.

    Health Medical Examination, Cancer Examination, Comprehensive Medical Examination Implementation and Health Certificate, General (Health Insurance Corporation) Medical Examination / Medical Examination for Local NHS and its dependents / National Cancer Examination

    • Gastric cancer / Breast cancer / Colorectal cancer / Liver cancer
    • For application for general, civil services
    • For application for driver's aptitude tests
    • For issuing foreign visa
    • For international marriages

    Identifying risk factors for serious/ chronic diseases and changing lifestyles are known to be important in preventing the actual manifestation of the disease. The Youngdungpo Hospital Health Medical Examination Center is equipped with the latest medical equipment, facilities, and specialists to provide the best preventive medical services for your health. In addition, if a specific disease is found after the examination, the patient will be directed to a specialist center and clinic where the patient can receive appropriate medical treatment. Youngdungpo Hospital Health Center will take the best care of your health.

  • Joint Center Quick and safe return to everyday life is the best value offered by Youngdungpo Hospital Joint Center.

    The joints, including cartilage and bone, make up the skeleton of our body and enable our body move freely. The Joint Center treats diseases related to hands, wrists, shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles, feet, and hips (hip joints). The Joint Center concentrates on the natural healing ability of the patient based on an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis of the affected area, and strives to provide the best outcome by focusing on the natural healing ability of the patients.

  • Rehabilitation Center Customized rehabilitation based on the patient's condition to help the patient overcome his/her disability.

    The goal of rehabilitation therapy is to strengthen the physical, mental, social, and occupational capacity for people with anatomic/physiological disabilities or environmentally limiting factors and enable them to live a close to normal life. Rehabilitation therapy at Youngdungpo Hospital Rehabilitation Center provides active and systematic 1: 1 customized rehabilitation treatment and integrated health care services by specialized m edical staff, physical therapists, and exercise therapists to achieve optimal goals.

Youngdungpo St. Mary's Hospital Introduction to Youngdungpo Hospital

  • MRI Imaging Room

  • MRI Imaging Room(2)

  • MRI Imaging Room(3)

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  • Reception/Payment Desk

  • Lobby (Internal Medicine, Injection Rooms)

  • Radiology Department(1)

  • Radiology Department(2)

  • CT Room(1)

  • CT Room(2)

  • X-ray Room(1)

  • X-ray Room(2)

  • X-ray Room(3)

  • Mammography Room

  • Hospital Administration

  • Emergency Room

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  • Neurosurgery

  • orthopedics

  • Operating Room

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  • EEG Room

  • DITI Room

  • Rehabilitation Center(1)

  • Rehabilitation Center(2)

  • Physical Therapy Room(1)

  • Physical Therapy Room(2)

  • Physical Therapy Room(3)

  • Exercise Room(1)

  • Exercise Room(2)

  • Exercise Room(3)

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  • Health Examination Center Desk

  • Health Examination Center Hallway

  • Basic Laboratory

  • Intraocular Pressure Laboratory

  • X-ray Room

  • Mammography room

  • Endoscopy Room Entrance

  • Endoscopy Room

  • Endoscopy Lab

  • Endoscopy

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  • Intensive Care Room

  • 6 Ward Patient Room

  • Nurses’ Station

  • Single room

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  • 7 Ward Patient Room

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  • Sky Garden

  • 8 Ward Patient Room

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Youngdungpo St. Mary's Hospital Introduction to Youngdungpo Hospital

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